24-7 Prayer Vigil 2020

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Its 24-7 Prayer Vigil time again! Just because the world is in lock-down doesn’t mean we can’t pray! In fact, we MUST pray, now more than ever.

This year, because of the challenges that Covid19 has presented, we are calling you to pray from the comfort of your own home – or from wherever you choose. However, we will still be providing all the amazing, creative ideas that help make 24-7 Prayer Vigils so stimulating and create such meaningful times with God.

Please sign up for prayer slots using our on-line sign-up sheet (accessed by clicking on this link)

On the day, you will be able to enter our virtual Prayer Room via our website and will then be free to move around our virtual prayer stations. The surroundings may be slightly different from usual, but our God remains faithful and he will honour our prayers as he always does.

1 Sheffield Beach Rd

Phone: (032) 5254529

Web: http://www.allsouls.co.za