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About Us



We're a friendly Anglican church on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal in the Diocese of Natal. Join us for online worship. One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit: proclaimed in scripture, evident in history and knowable in person!


The Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA) remains committed to its work of mission and ministry to speak truth, fight for justice and care for the vulnerable and marginalised. Gender Based Violence remains a scourge in our communities and is abhorrent to ACSA and other members of wider society.


All Souls exists to share creatively the fullness of God’s Life, Health & Purpose with all the people of this area.

We believe that God the Father offers all people fullness of life, health and purpose through relationship with the Saviour of the world, His only Son, Jesus Christ. Committed to following Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, All Souls exists to share this Good News in word, deed and creativity with every person who lives, works, studies or holidays in this area.

Vision Statements

  • All Souls: Life, Health and Purpose for All People
  • All Souls: Loving God, Loving Community
  • All Souls: A place for all people
  • All loved, All welcome, All Souls
  • All called, All sent, All Souls

All Souls Values

From Vision Workshop Aug 2017

  • God-glorifying
  • Truth-seeking (Jesus centred, Scripture based)
  • Holy Spirit-filled (empowered, led)
  • Hospitable (especially to visitors and newcomers)
  • Inclusive (welcoming diversity)
  • Generous (with all that we have)
  • Loyal (committed to our fellowship)
  • Highest standards (commitment to excellence and accountability)

Measurable Indicators of health: 2018 - 2021


  • Numerical (membership and attendance)
  • Involvement & Commitment of people in ministries
  • Finance
  • Small groups (number, variety and attendance)



  • Freedom in Worship
  • Exercise of spiritual giftings
  • Innovation
  • Prophetic prayer group
  • School of ministry


  • Visitors ministry
  • New comers integration
  • Transformation (demographically and age groups)
  • Events (engaging with the wider community)


Partnership for the Kingdom

  • Networking with church leaders
  • Shared projects


The Community

  • Meeting needs
  • Community Centre plans to proceed
  • Participation
  • Events


  • Internally
  • Externally
  • Creatively
  • Variously

3 Purpose Areas for All Souls

God's Life, Health & Purpose

We exist as channels for God’s Life, Health & Purpose

Life – New life in Jesus Christ
Health – On-going healing of our souls through the work of the Holy Spirit
Purpose – To love the Father and make his love known to the world

These areas arise out of our understanding of every human being consisting of Body, Soul and Spirit. If we are a church that ministers to every aspect of who we are as humans then we must collectively be channels of God’s LIFE to the human SPIRIT, HEALING to the SOUL and PURPOSE to our BODIES.

Strategic Projects 2018

Working on the establishment of the following:

  • School of ministry
  • Creative Communications Team
  • Counselling Team
  • Community Centre
  • Events Coordination
  • Enhancing our media and communication capabilities
  • UCare workshopping


Rebirth and new life in Christ

  • Intentional Preaching of the Good News
  • Regular opportunities for commitment to Jesus as Lord and Saviour
  • Intimacy and power in Worship
  • Creating freedom for the Holy Spirit to bring transformation


Healing of souls by the on-going work of the Holy Spirit

  • Spirit ministry
  • Home groups
  • Children & Families ministry
  • Pastoral Care
  • Counselling Dept


Meeting material needs, serving one another and the world, and repurposing our lives to proclaim the Kingdom and its values, bringing glory to the Father

  • Welcome & hospitality
  • Creative communication
  • Community Events
  • Farming God’s Way
  • Community Centre & Coffee Shop